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About Keep

What is Keep?

Keep is an all-in-one finance platform for small and medium-sized Canadian businesses, offering corporate credit cards, expense management, multi-currency accounts, and growth capital solutions. Payroll, payment processing, and invoicing solutions are coming soon.

Who is Keep for?

Keep is for small and medium-sized Canadian businesses looking to simplify their expense management, especially those frustrated with the big banks!

Is Keep available in all provinces?

Keep is available in all provinces, with the exception of Québec. Our team is hard at work to begin supporting Québec-based businesses, so stay tuned!

Are there any fees?

There are ZERO fees to use Keep. Keep makes money by facilitating every transaction that occurs on the platform, allowing us to KEEP this product free for you.

Is my data safe with Keep?

Our privacy policy ensures the security of your data through various measures such as 24/7 fraud monitoring, data encryption, and secure account access. We prioritize the protection of your information and provide detailed information on their privacy practices. Learn more here.

Does Keep offer any rewards for use?

Yes! Keep offers 1x rewards points on any purchase, and 4x rewards points on any international purchases. Points can be redeemed for cashback, or in kind to use toward statement payments and more.

How can I get in touch with the Keep team?

Our team is standing by to help you by phone, video chat or email. Get in touch with us here.

Getting Started

Will applying for a Keep Card affect my credit score?

Applying for Keep will not affect your credit score unless you are approved during our pre-screening process. At Keep, we partner with credit agencies to help issue the best possible terms and highest credit limit for our cardholders.

Why does the application ask for a connection to my bank account?

To underwrite your Keep corporate card, we require the most recent 6 months of business bank transactions. This information is obtained through our partnership with Canadian fintech, Flinks, for a one-time, read-only access to your banking transactions or by accepting the most recent 6 months of bank statements in PDF format as an alternative.

What do I need to sign up?

Ensure you have the following on hand to sign up for Keep in under 10 minutes:

1. Your business information such as business type, company size
2. Your incorporation or registration number and date
3. 6 months of proof of business revenue, such as sales invoices or contracts
4. A valid government ID, social security number (if applicable), and registered address to verify your identification

How long will it take to apply?

Unlike our big bank counterparts, there is no lengthly form or weeks of waiting - the entire application takes just 10 minutes.

How long will it take to get approved?

Your application can get approved within 3 business days.

Keep Cards

Where can I use a Keep card?

Keep cards can be used worldwide, anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Generate virtual cards for use by yourself and your employees, and, starting in February 2024, order a physical card for in-person use. Keep cards are meant to be used for business expenses, and therefore some purchase categories are prohibited. To view a list of prohibited activities, click here.

What is a virtual card?

A virtual card is a digital card number, expiry, and CVV that you can use to make online purchases or payments made over the phone. It is just like a regular credit card, without the piece of plastic attached.

Can I issue virtual cards to my employees?

Yes! Virtual cards can be issued to individual employees for their day-to-day business expenses or for specific purposes. By providing each employee or expense grouping with a separate card, your financial reporting and insights will become clear and easy to manage.

Can I set spending limits on my employee's cards?

Easily and instantly set daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits on your cards depending on your business needs.

How many cards can I have at once?

With Keep, you are able to create as many cards as your business needs!

What are the card limits?

Our credit limits can range from $1k - $1M.

How is Keep able to offer such high limits?

We are able to offer higher limits than traditional banks by using real time data to make sure we can get you the right limits when you need them, without all the red tape. The longer you spend with Keep, the higher your limit will go!

Are virtual cards secure?

We keep your account secure with 24/7 fraud monitoring, ID theft, and purchase protection. Our fraud team is always standing by to assist with any concerns!

Do Keep cards work outside of Canada?

Yes, use Keep cards anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

How does repayment work?

The card balance is due in full at the end of each statement period, unless a statement extension is requested. There is a pre-authorized debit in place so you do not have to worry about making the payment each month, only need to ensure the funds are available for payment.

What is the interest rate?

Zero! We don’t charge interest when your balance is paid at the end of each statement period. Need a little bit longer to get the funds together? We offer low fee statement extension plans to ensure your business never goes without.

How do statement extensions work?

We totally understand that business can run into cash flow issues! With this in mind, Keep offers statements extensions to extend payments for up to 12 weeks. Fees can vary depending on how long the extension is.

Keep Capital

What is Keep Capital?

Solve your cash flow issues with Keep Capital, a pre-approved funds available within your Keep multi-currency account. Keep Capital is similar to a traditional line of credit but comes with fixed repayment terms of up to 12 months.

What is the approval process?

To qualify for Keep Capital, you must have been a Keep Card user for 3 or more months. Your original Keep application will be used to determine your eligibility for Keep Capital. To ensure your business is eligible, our team may request additional information, such as a profit & loss statement, any current loan contracts or other business documents.

What are the fees associated with Keep Capital?

Keep Capital fees vary depending on your repayment terms. We offer fixed repayment terms lasting up to 12 months. On average, Keep Capital fees are at times half of the fees of private lenders.

How does repayment work with Keep Capital?

Your repayment amount will be clear and transparent upon receiving your Capital offer, and selecting your repayment term (anywhere from 1 to 12 months). Each payment will be billed directly from your bank account so you never miss a payment.

How can Keep Capital be used?

Keep Capital is designed to assist in the growth of your business, regardless of what that may mean for your business. Typically, Keep Capital users utilize the funds to acquire inventory, expand their advertising reach, finance substantial invoices, and pursue other business objectives. Keep Capital can be accessed and utilized within your Keep account whenever needed, enabling you to allocate as you wish!

Multi-Currency Accounts

What do you mean by multi-currency account?

Keep offers the ability to instantly and easily open a local bank account in 5 currencies, USD, EUR, GBP, MXN, and CAD. This means you can send local payments in respective countries, i.e. ACH payments in the US and SEPA payments in Europe, saving you $ and time.

What currencies does Keep offer?

Keep offers accounts in CAD, USD, MXN, GBP and EUR. We are working to add more offerings to this list so stay tuned!

Can I move money between Keep accounts?

Yes, Keep makes it easy to exchange funds same-day between currencies with transparent and low FX rates.

How is the foreign exchange rate calculated?

Using multiple methods to ensure the lowest possible foreign exchange rate, Keep offers significantly lower rates than the big 5 banks, typically around $35 cheaper per every $1,000 converted. For higher value foreign conversions, we are also able to offer even lower rated depending on your monthly volume.

Can I send money with my Keep account?

Yes! Easily send money locally or internationally from any of your Keep currency accounts to an individual or business with low wire fees of $15 per domestic or local wire.

Can I receive money with my Keep account?

Yes! Each currency account has instructions for you to pass to those sending you funds. Easily receive wire transfers, or ACH payments where applicable directly to your account.

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What founders are saying

This is the holy grail. I have to haggle with my bank to increase my credit limit even though we are spending $50k a month. Also, I can’t use my points on anything.

Jamie B. | Founder and CEO, Marketing Agency

Our team can save 20 hours a month by being able to use the unlimited virtual cards feature. Good-bye to finding receipts, asking my team to send forms, and approving every line item.

Sarah G. | CEO, DTC brand

My finance team says how easy expense management and spend tracking will be with Keep. Each manager can easily create cards for their team and reporting happens automatically.

Seth I. | Co-founder, Software startup

Save time, money, and frustration

Save time, money, and frustration

Save time, money, and frustration

Save time, money, and frustration

Save time, money, and frustration

Save time, money, and frustration

Save time, money, and frustration

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Save time, money, and frustration

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Save time, money, and frustration

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Save time, money, and frustration

Save time, money, and frustration

Save time, money, and frustration

Save time, money, and frustration

Save time, money, and frustration

Keep's corporate card has higher credit limits, the highest cash back rewards on the market, and absolutely no impact on your personal credit score.

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